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Innopix Makes a Bright Mark at Jason Aldean's 'Six String Circus' Tour




  • Name: Gtek's Innopix 5.9 Makes a Bright Mark at Jason Aldean's "Six String Circus" Tour

  • Location: America

  • Model: S Series

  • Area: 250 pcs

  • Time: Aug, 2016

Project Background

This year, Jason Aldean's 'Six String Circus' Tour has got his popularity around America. In series of events, Gtek's Innopix 5.9 (outdoor flexible LED video panel) was applied in the Jason Aldean's "Six String Circus" Tour. Aldean's 2016 Six String Circus Tour began on May 19 in Rogers, Ark., and will wind throughout the United States until early October. For this music fest, Raj Kapoor, the creative director "decided to do something really different", in order words, the stage should be creative. Certainly, it is in accordance with Gtek's value-- Innovation and high efficiency. At the stages, 250 Gtek's Innopix 5mm LED tiles (outdoor flexible LED video panel) make up a huge rhombic LED screen, which provide audiences high-definition images.

Project Highlights

With its unique features, Gtek's product adds the grace for Aldean's stage. Innopix (outdoor flexible LED video panel) features fast installation and dismantling. In addition, Innopix (outdoor flexible LED video panel) can be flexibly bended in an s-shape. It is a well-designed product with high IP grade, which is applicable to outdoor environment. In this event, Innopix (outdoor flexible LED video panel) showed its flat shape as stage background, reflecting a perfect combination of modern technology and stage.


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